PRODAPS - Professional Services


Core Services

  • Professional Services

    our services are designed to support almost all our customer needs and ranging from site surveys, pre-configuration, on-site support, installation and troubleshooting services with the expected level of excellence.

  • Consultation Services

    We are good listeners to our customers to our customer business objectives, strategies and technical requirements, turning that information into a results-oriented plan that defines the business case and evaluates the cost, risk and benefits of the solution.

  • Implementation Services

    This service takes care and responsibility of the whole project life cycle starting from customer requirements and installation phases till the project closure and customer acceptance. Our team of professionals takes care of every step until delivering the project and making sure that our services exceed our customer expectations. This service includes site surveys, pre-configuration questionnaires, site engineering, and physical installation.

  • SLA Services

    Coming from our believe that the real success is how to maintain a long term relationship of professionalism and profit with our customers. We assure a high level of availability to guarantee that our customers issues will be handled in a fast and professional manner and to make sure that we have the good impact on their businesses is to keep their time focusing in generating values and revenue and we take the important part of supporting their infrastructure that keeps their business up and running the right way.