Partnering with Digitus-Biometrics we are honored to introduce the world‘s first access control system that’s dedicated to secure data center and telecommunication racks with two factor identities.

Data center physical security is a priority in sectors ranging from health care to cloud computing. Any organization with a data center is hosting sensitive information, and building access control isn’t enough to keep data safe. Server cabinet access control plays a critical role in protecting against insider threats by ensuring users only have access to systems they are authorized to interact with, and proving who does what, when.

It will give you:

  1. Multi-factor authentication for cabinet doors
  2. Seamless enterprise access control integration
  3. Freedom to manage the system through a central software platform
  4. Convenience for end users
  5. A built-in audit trail
  6. A minimal hardware footprint within server cabinets

We provide two architectures that suit all your possible needs

Bus Architecture

Bus architecture principles allow the db Bus biometric access control platform to provide power and an Ethernet connection for as many as 64 locks on cabinet doors. Furthermore, the system doesn’t depend exclusively on biometrics – you can also use RFID technology, keycards, iCard devices and/or PIN identification to verify a user’s authority to unlock a cabinet.

Sentry Architecture

From multi-factor authentication to full power-over Ethernet functionality, db Sentry has everything you need.

  • Support for diverse authentication methods – biometrics, iCard functionality, traditional keycards or standard electronic locks.
  • Quick enrollment (less than five seconds) for biometric or iCard locks.
  • POE-compliant.
  • At-the-cabinet authentication capability
  • Storage capacity for 9,500 users and a log of 60,000 events.
  • Encrypted TCP/IP network link for Ethernet integration.