Physical Access Security Solutions for Data Centers, Telecommunication Racks and High-Security Enclosures

The importance of being proactive when it comes to securing your data centers and critical IT assets. It’s our mission to provide the most advanced access control systems and server locks on the planet featuring the latest innovations in biometric authentication, RFID smartcard technology and other identity management technologies. Today, We provides unparalleled access security solutions in various high-profile installations including government, military, healthcare, educational, colocation and commercial facilities.

When it comes to securing access to the most valuable assets you have that mainly impact your business. You need to have:


Have complete control from a centralized, easy-to-use application.

monitoring of events

 Know who, what, when and where. Real-time data center access information is immediately available with the Digitus solution.

 Zero Security

Zero security breaches in thousands of installations.


 Our Solution addresses the physical security side of compliance with networked biometrics across all access points, from the front door to server cabinet doors.

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