Break the ice and understand how IOT platforms work

The concept of IOT is not new, M2M has been there in the industry for a while. The sudden interest in IOT is due to the fact that several technologies that have advanced in the recent years are all converging together at the right time make IOT impactful and relevant.

Before we jump into the IOT platform and what it offers, lets look at what are the fundamental building blocks that are needed to create IOT system.


This is essentially the IOT end-point and this where the data is generated. The hardware end of the IOT includes the sensors, actuators, the communication hardware and the gateways.


This is where data gets transported. This part of the technology infrastructure ensures the hardware is connected to the network, via proprietary or open-source communication protocols.

Software Back-end

This is where data is managed. The software backend manages all connected devices and networks and provides the necessary data integration as well as the interface to other systems.


This is where data is turned into value. In the application layer, IoT use cases get presented to the user (B2C or B2B). Most of the applications run on smartphones, tablets, PCs or other devices/things and “do something valuable” with the data.

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